Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Unit 2


AA 2023/2024

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Course Material for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Unit 2 AA 2023/2024 @ Computer Science Dept, Sapienza Bachelor in Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Course Description

Taught in English 🇺🇸

II year, II semester, ACSAI degree (bachelor)

Description: The course is meant to introduce machine learning, a class of methods that learn patterns from data and perform predictions on new data. This Unit complements the Unit I course on AI and formal logic. In terms of structure and philosophy, I would balance the amount of theoretical content (knowing what you are doing) with practical sessions (knowing how to do it). Note this is an introductory course to Machine Learning (ML) and is not an entire course on “Deep Learning” (DL), although some basic DL concepts are introduced and covered. The course emphasizes the theory part, whereas this latter is always accompanied by practical applications on some toy data to let the students understand in practice what happens (this means sometimes implementing the underlying basic algorithm from scratch). When possible, the course will make a few connections to recent research papers in AI&ML e show some interesting AI applications.

🎯Course Objective


Every year I ask students attending the class to fix bugs or typos that may find in the slides. Given that the material is shown with a Jupyter Notebook, they can fork the repository, fix the issues and make a pull request. Doing so, students get bonus points for the final exam, up to a maximum bonus. The list below shows all the people that contributed to the repository. Thank you!




We will review these in the first lectures